Puerto Rico Open Data Interconnection Portal

"For every dollar spent on open data returned between $ 5- $ 18 to the economy" Study - Costs and Benefits of Data Provision


In this category you will find everything about motor vehicle on Puerto Rico's roads.


Data related to human well-being.

Infrastructure and Development

The infrastructure data may contribute to the consolidation of the overall development process.

Finance and Economy

Open data for government and private business in Puerto Rico

Sports and Recreation

Data provided by the sports and recreational development as part of the alternative to do a proper use of leisure time and improving the quality of life of the citizens of Puerto Rico.

Government Corporations and Business

Here you will find data and information about business, corporations and private/public registries.

Family and Social Services

Data related to family and children, social services.


Facts about education, can be accessed online

Environment and Permits

You can find permits, zones, maps and more planning.


Tourism plays and important and fundamental roll in the Puerto Rico economy.


Under this category you can find any other dataset that does not fit into the categories listed on this page.

Public Safety

Public Safety, Law and Order Area

Case Studies

Papers and dynamic graphs based on our data